Is poker a sport or a game of chance?

Physical activity the very first component of the definition of sport as such? How to be with her? You will not believe, but poker is really a sport in the manifestation of physical activity too. In order for you to sit for several hours in a chair you need to strain all the muscles of your back and back of the body, you need an increased concentration of attention that requires tremendous energy from your body. Now imagine a situation where you are on the verge of bankruptcy, your opponents in the game ruin you, you need to call a bet, fold or raise, but you can no longer do anything in this game isn’t that a jump into the abyss without insurance? Your body is experiencing a real stress, the heart rate rises, and sometimes it even seems that your heart will now jump out of your chest. If we say that such feelings are experienced by marathon runners during the race, will you believe us?
It turns out that if you think big, poker really fits into all the frameworks of sporting events, and poker players can be considered athletes? With the last conclusion, we would not be in a hurry, but it is quite likely that if poker is a sport, then poker players are athletes playing in this sport.
Definition of poker regarding the classification of excitement
And now let’s try to determine whether poker can be classified as gambling? What must necessarily be present in the gambling entertainment? Unpredictability, adrenaline, wild excitement and a factor of surprise, and of course the prospect of a big win. Is Poker Predictable? More likely no than yes. Is there adrenaline in poker? Of course there is. Does the excitement overrun during poker sessions? Still would. And what about the surprise factor? When you sit down at a table and the game is just beginning, it is difficult to determine who will rise from this table as a winner. Later in the game, you can try to figure it out, but at the beginning poker is a continuous surprise factor.