Jared Tendler, who trained a huge number of players in high-quality and effective multi-tabling, told in one of his articles what was necessary for the simultaneous successful play of a large number of hands.
The key to high-quality multi-tabling is the automation of the decision-making process. It is very important to hone your skills to the perfect level. This will allow not even to think about many things, as the brain will independently analyze the situation and make a choice in favor of the most optimal solution.
If a poker player tries to deeply comprehend all the processes, it very quickly ends with extreme fatigue and complete confusion. The fact is that the conscious thinking of an ordinary person has a relatively small number of cells (from 5 to 9). This means that at the same time it can handle only a certain number of questions. Otherwise, everything begins to mix and leads to a complete fiasco and the need to relax or focus on one thing.
The only way to avoid this is to turn on “autopilot” and make decisions without thinking. In addition, this method eliminates overstrain, it helps to save mental energy for analyzing difficult situations. Thus, the overall efficiency increases significantly. However, it should be noted here that only a player who has improved his poker skill to the limit can become a strong multi-tabler.
In order to become the best poker player and achieve a decent result, you must follow some tips.
First of all, you should pay attention to the most obvious mistakes. Their reasons should be clear and clear, thanks to the presence of certain theoretical knowledge obtained earlier. In order to get rid of them, simply write them on a sheet and reread before starting the game. Very soon they will cease to become the cause of failures and long reflections. Best of all, the list consists of three such obvious mistakes. Over time, getting rid of them, it will be possible to find new ones and repeat everything from the beginning.
Another very important tip is to increase the number of tables or the time spent in the game. You must always remember about quality. After all, there is no point in spending 3 hours a day at 12 tables without receiving any positive result. Every poker player has his limit, which should be remembered.