Poker combinations

Another opportunity for our hero is all-in. There is no doubt that many players perceive such a move in such a position as a completely absurd and senseless decision, but this is far from being the case. As practice shows, many poker players at such tables willingly spread their entire stack even with hands of average strength. Accordingly, all-in may well justify itself. It’s just worth remembering that he is admissible only if there is a sufficient amount of information about the opponent and the confidence that he is inclined to make such decisions.
Fold can not even be considered. After all, who wants to abandon the top pair with an excellent kicker while in position?
Choosing the optimal move, it is very important to think not only about your own combination, but also about what the enemy can possess. This golden rule of every good poker player must accompany him in any hand. Only by assessing the range of the opponent’s hands and the likelihood of having a stronger hand, can one take a relatively calm heart to risk everything or make another choice.
The best solution in this situation will be a call or reraise. Both of these options have their undeniable advantages and can help in achieving the poker winnings. However, a reraise looks a little more attractive, especially if our hero is a rather aggressive player. But from dropping hands absolutely definitely should be abandoned.
Mini-raises at higher levels are quite rare, and in most cases they will signal the advantage of an opponent with a strong hand. But if we are talking about playing at $ 0.25 / $ 0.50, then a mini-raise is a frequent occurrence. Moreover, he can express both the strength of his opponent and his bluff. It is wrong to believe that if an opponent mini-raises, then he has the nuts. The range of hands for making a mini-raise at such levels at a rate is much broader than a single nuts.